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Hazrat Inam Hasan Gudri Shah Baba V, The Current Head

Upon the demise of Sharib Gudri Shah Baba IV, Hazrat Inam Hasan Gudri Shah Baba V was appointed the Sajjadanashin, or the spiritual successor of the Gudri Shahi Order. He was handed over the Holy relics and the praying carpet of his masters and was asked by Sharib Gudri Shah Baba IV to carry on the noble work of the order with the same integrity, love and devotion that has been exemplary of the Holy Prophet. Since then Hazrat Inam Hasan Gudri Shah has been guiding the order and the mureeds with the same love and concern.

Hazrat Inam Hasan Gudri Shah is also the founder of The Sufi Saint School, located at the Chillah Sharief Hill, overlooking the Ana Sagar Lake. The school provides affordable education to the poor and needy children.