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Historical Places of Dargah

Photographs by: Saeed Giuseppe Acampora, Italy

Description Taken From : Moin UL Arwah (Urdu) - The Most athentic Biography on hazrat Khawja Moinuddin Chishty by Hazrat Nawab Khadim Hasan, Gudri Shah Baba III, Ajmer

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Gate Near The Baba Farid Chillah

Shrine Hazrat Ahmed Bakhtiyar

Solah Khamba Entrance

Maqbara of Dewans of Dargah

Solah Khamba Or Shrine Of Shaikh Ala Uddin

Gate To Entrance For The Mosque And The Shrine

Hauz and Chhatri Queen Mary

Hauz and Chhatri Queen Mary

Mehfil Khana

Mehfil Khana

Mehfil Khana

Khankah (Saint Was Given The Last Holy Bath Here)

Khankah (Saint Was Given The Last Holy Bath Here)

Deg - Food Pot (Small)

Deg Food Pot (Big)

Sehan Chiragh

Sehan Chiragh (Inside View)

Buland Darwaza

Langar Khana

Historical Chhatri of Akbar

Langar (Food Cooking Place)

Cooking Food Pot of Barley

Chandi Tazia Imam Bara of Imam Husain

Entrance gate to Sandal Khana Mosque

Akbari Masjid

Shahjahani Masjid Mimber

Kalma Darwaza


Nizam Gate